Our Mission


Message from the Founder:

We at the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture believe that all students should have the chance to know what a Classical culture is. It is comprised of the most inspired expressions, in whatever medium, of human creativity from all over the world. This is the common heritage of all of us, of all of humanity; it belongs to the whole human race, but is multifaceted, reflecting the unique, specific changes in thought that propel the human race forward. And, contrary to its "bad press", Classical culture is always interesting, never boring!!

The consistent practice of the highest form of culture--be it through music, literature or science--is the best way to develop the intellectual and moral capabilities of a person, especially the young.  We believe that the practice of great art, develops the creative faculties essential to produce future discoveries in the sciences. We believe that this applies to all people, all over the world, regardless of background.
For six years the Foundation has broken the rule that “you have to teach young people only what they are already interested in”, and that “the last thing these kids want to hear is Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach”. The next wrong idea we wish to disprove, is this: “Music is just a matter of taste. It’s not important like math, or statistics.” In fact, without youth involvement in Classical music education, including performance, it is unlikely you could ever again have a literate American school population.

The combination of music education with science, singing in different languages, learning the language of notation, discovering the meaning of the music and the words that compose a song, requires an expansion of the mind's concentration.  It is the quickest way to restore student attention spans, develop language capabilities and increase the intelligence (yes!) in a student body.  We of the Foundation seek to provide the ideas, the teachers, and the method to demonstrate this. With your participation and help, we can make Classical music and Classical culture the mental property of American youth, truly, perhaps, for the first time.

When a young person discovers Intellectual Beauty, they discover who they really are. These are discoveries that excite the mind and the soul—the discoveries of beauty in the practice of great music; discoveries such as those that those NASA are involved in. These things make us beautiful inside. They make us capable of replacing despair with hope, falsehood with truth, ugliness with Beauty, and violent destruction with nonviolent creativity. As our Foundation continues its 7th year, we invite everyone to join us in the exciting future that belongs to all of us, through the best of human culture which is Classical culture.

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