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On September 2016, as the United Nations opens, let all those who abhor violence and war, drop their differences and come together in a solemn recognition of what is human in all of us. Let Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart speak in the language of music to our hearts, and to what Abraham Lincoln called 'the better angels of our nature.'"

This September 11th marks the 15th anniversary of the murder of nearly 3,000 American citizens, and others, at the site of the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  The deaths associated with 9/11 continue today in many parts of the world – including the United States,  Libya, Syria, Iraq, North Africa, and with the crises of refugees worldwide.   How might there be an appropriate commemoration, a living memorial to those murdered, and their families, that would commit the living to reversing the conditions that allowed these murders in the first place?

The Requiem performances will feature a 42-piece orchestra, 100-person chorus, and four soloists The performances will be directed by John Sigerson of the Schiller Institute, and feature the New York Schiller Institute Community Chorus and Friends.  

The performance in Brooklyn will be part of a special FDNY Memorial Mass, and will be celebrated by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

Opening remarks to welcome the audience in Morristown, New Jersey will be made by New Jersey's Terry Strada, founder and head of  9/11 Families and Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, whose  husband, Tom Strada, was killed in the 9/11 attack.  Mrs. Strada sent this message, concerning the upcoming concerts:  "I am proud to be part of such an amazing group of musicians and singers and so grateful for the opportunity to share their talents and generosity with our 9/11 community of families, survivors, friends and the public.  I look forward to an evening of being together, remembering and honoring all those who perished on September 11, 2001."

Joe Doria, who was mayor of Bayonne, NJ during 9/11, has added his endorsement to the concept of these concerts. Mayor Doria negotiated the construction of the 9/11 Memorial statue which was donated by Russia to the United States and dedicated “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism" in 2005.  This is the “Tear Drop” memorial featured on the concert poster.    

In three of the concerts, four African American spirituals will also be performed, as described by Schiller Institute NY Community Chorus director, Diane Sare.

These Mozart's Requiem concerts are performed at Verdi tuning" of A=432 Hz, the tuning that Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi specified was proper for the human voice.

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Friday, September 9th, 7:30 pm

The Lovinger Theater at Lehman College, 

250 Bedford Park Blvd W.

Bronx, NY  10468



Saturday, September 10, 8:00 PM

St. Bartholomew's Church, 325 Park Ave at 51st St.

NY, NY 10022



Sunday, September 11, noon

Fifteenth Anniversary Commemoration Requiem will be part of a special FDNY Memorial Mass celebrated by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

The Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, 856 Pacific St.

Brooklyn, NY  11238



Monday, September 12, 7 pm

The Presbyterian Church in Morristown

57 East Park Place, Morristown, NJ  07960