December 19 and December 20, 2015


Handel's Messiah 

Sponsored by the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture, 

Performed at the Verdi Tuning of A=432 MHz,


Dedicated to the Sanctity of Human Life.

Over 1000 Attended!

It was beautiful!




See Each Program:  Brooklyn Program and Manhattan Program


Handel’s Messiah celebrates the divine spark of immortality in every human being.  It is thus the perfect answer to the "cultural policy of murder" now seemingly sweeping our nation, and the world. 


The Messiah was first performed in Dublin, Ireland in April, 1741, having been composed in a shocking 24 days.  Ireland had undergone a deadly famine in 1740-41, caused by severe cold, and later rain.  It was the end of the  “Little Ice Age”, which lasted from 1400-1800.  Harvests failed, coal prices soared, and the water in the water mills froze, stopping production, including the grinding of wheat for the bakers. 


When the Messiah was performed in 1742, all the proceeds went to benefit debtors in debtors’ prisons, the Mercer’s Hospital and the Charitable Infirmary.  When it was performed in London in 1750, (the first performance there was in 1743), all the proceeds went yearly to the Foundling Hospital --  a home for abandoned infants and children.


Thus, it was said of The Messiah's  performances:  “This great work has been heard in all parts of the kingdom with increasing reverence and delight. It has fed the hungry, clothed the naked, fostered the orphan.”


The joy of great art, however, always triumphs over death -- especially when wielded by what Martin Luther King called "the beloved community". 


"As great as are the stars of the heavens,

“As great as is the music of Handel's Messiah,

“ How much greater is the mind of man that contemplates these things!"



Dr. King commented in his book Strength To Love, 1963



OF A=432 MH


For Libretto of The Messiah Go Here!