Mozart Concert

November 5th, 2011
Lincoln Center, Merkin Hall

See Video of Chinese Network Report on the Concert

We thanked every one of our sponsors, supporters, master pianist Tian Jiang and the Ureuk Symphony orchestra for making the Saturday, November 5th's student attendance of the Mozart concert at Lincoln Center Merkin Hall, such a wonderful success. This Classical concert was attended by all of the invited 150 students and their teachers from the eigtheen middle to high schools of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens boroughs, many of whom had never heard any live performance of Classical music, let alone a valid performance of the high caliber given by master pianist Tian Jiang and the Ureuk Symphony Orchestra. The reactions, impressions and feedback we received from the teachers and, in many cases, directly from the students themselves, were varying degrees of "the kids loved it" to "it was a wonderful experience". One of the school principals said, "They all love it very much. One of the students who told me it's her second time to a concert, said that she never knew it is all  so fantastic."


Beethoven/Pre-Christmas Concert

 December 19, 2011, 6pm - 8pm
Lincoln Center, Bruno Walter Auditorium

See Video of Chinese Network Report on the Concert

The December 19th concert was dedicated to the teachers. Its goal was to bring together as many as possible of the educators, along with some students, from various New York City boroughs and schools, that could act as the "pioneering force" to make the Handel's Messiah project a reality. We didn't  just want the students to sing this work: we wanted them to re-construct, in their minds, what went into George Handel's three weeks(!) of creative genius that produced this work, and into the tradition of performance of this oratorio in New York, stretching all the way back tobefore there was even a United States! This concert was the means, for those teachers and educators who volunteered to organize for the MESSIAH already, as well as for those who would like to volunteer and those not yet contacted, to assemble, meet one another, get inspired, and get to work.  We needed an "organizing committee" for this task, as big or small as necessary. This is why we wanted representatives from all five boroughs, because it should be performed in all five boroughs.

This solo concert was performed by Master Pianist Tian Jiang, who inspired everyone with his performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto in A Major, at Merkin Hall on Saturday, November 5th. Tian performed one of Beethoven's piano sonata in D major Op 10. #3, on December 19th, along with Bach-Busoni: Organ Toccata in C major, Chopin: Nocturne in B major, Op.62 No.1, a few of his own compositions, and a Christmas transcription.

In fact, it was Beethoven's birthday on December 16th, and this was the original inspiration for our December 19th concert.