Summer School 2017

Our summer program is a unique 5 week program that enriches and expands the young mind by building comprehension, critical thinking and appreciation of the classical arts through the study of philosophy, astronomy and music.

Choral singing is an important part of the curriculum because it holds many advantages of requiring that young people be disciplined, listen carefully to one another, learn foreign languages, attempt to read music, follow complex instructions, correct errors in execution that are not obvious, control their voices, and carry themselves with dignity and purpose.  They are allowed to investigate the mind of someone—the composer—whom they would never have otherwise met, and who represents, in the form of a Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and many others, the full mastery and ownership of the whole range of human intellect and emotion.  All of this is done solely because it is beautiful and is a gift to others.  And it can be taught to young people in a matter of a few months or even weeks.

This Classical musical practice, together with the physical experimentation and participation in Classical science, is what makes our summer program so unique and uniquely capable of transforming any young mind who fully participates in it.