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Sponsor a student to attend Carnegie Hall:

There are 114,000 Homeless students in the New York city public school system.  There are twelve nations in the world whose populations are smaller than that of New York City's 114,000 "homeless" children

On Tuesday, 12.18.2018, Our foundation will present a Carnegie Hall concert celebrating the “125th anniversary of Dvorak at Carnegie Hall”.  This concert, entitled “Antonín Dvořák—America is An Idea, Not Just a Place”, will take the audience on a musical journey of the ground breaking works of Dvořák and his collaborators, through which the cultural contribution of all, came together to create what Dvořák called a “great and noble school of music in America”.

This December 18th, exactly one week before Christmas, we are committed to putting 2,000 students in Carnegie Hall as part of the 2,800 person audience that we wish to gather there to celebrate Dvořák’s work—which was his love letter to an America that had temporarily adopted him, and for whom he was speaking to all time. We invite you to join us in this endeavor and sponsor a student, which costs only 50$ per student.

For more on Carnegie Hall, December 18th, Click Here

Monthly sustaining contributions to assist our mission to reintroduce classical principles of musical, artistic, and scientific practice and perfor­mance into the everyday lives  of  all people, particularly children.

These Activities Include:

1.)Free Weekly Youth Chorus

2.) Bringing Concert Artists to Public Schools

3.) Affordable Weekly Concert Series In Which 15% of the tickets are provided free for students