Thus, Classical music performance and study is now beginning to appear to possibly be one of the most efficient means to address the most chronic ailments of the increasingly failing public education system. This "reintroduction of Classical principles" which is at the bedrock of the unique approach of the Foundation is being accomplished by inspiring what is often erroneously called "the average citizen" to participate in forms of “recreation" that differ from mere "entertainment ".  Direct involvement in musical performance, for example, has, both in the United States as well as in nations such as Venezuela, been particularly successful among youth in providing a graphic and demonstrable alternative to violent behavior.  The violence that underlies the vast majority of today's popular forms of entertainment, be it cinematic, "musical", or visual- artistic, can only be successfully overcome by an energetic initiative and campaign to present beautiful, nonviolent artistic expressions of the higher faculties of the human being that all human beings possess and enjoy.


The Foundation was especially proud to host several events in celebration of the life and legacy of Mrs. Amelia boynton Robinson, "mother of the Alabama Civil Rights Movement, who died in August of 2015.  In May of 2013, the Foundation held an event entitled "It's Time To Stop The Violence: Celebrating the Life, Times and Deeds of Amelia Boynton Robinson." Though Mrs. Robinson was unable to attend the Foundation's Father's Day Concert in 2015, where she was scheduled to speak, she was ably represented by Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Chairman of the Board of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). 

The Science of music

The unique properties of proper tuning