December 16, 2019 marks the beginning of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth (b. Dec.16, 1770). What better way to honor Beethoven and celebrate his extraordinary gift to humanity then by helping to create a renaissance of classical culture through the promotion of his music and ideas, and that of his fellow classical artists? This is what the Foundation proposes to do in the next year, through expanded educational activities that includes a series of concerts, classes, symposia, programs in public schools etc. WE URGE YOU TO PARTNER WITH US WITH YOUR MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION. This work will include a gala Beethoven Birthday Celebration Concert on December 16, 2019 at Carnegie Hall. Your name will be included in that celebration concert’s program – because you are a part of the gift! This is the Beethoven Project!

Your participation with the monthly check-off will allow the following:

  • The expansion of the weekly free Youth Chorus, available to all youth.  The youth chorus leads students to learn the Italian bel canto (beautiful singing) ‎vocal technique--the oldest and most advanced technique for proper development of the human voice with least effort and maximum sonority. Your contribution helps the student develop their own voice, gain confidence and widen their world view through practice of great Classical compositions from around the world, in different languages.

  • Musicians in the schools –brings young concert artists into NYC public schools to present classical music to tens of thousands of New York City students in performances and lively Q&A sessions in the classrooms.  These visits provide inspiration and encourage student participation – potentially changing many lives. In previous years, the Foundation delivered the program in 40 schools, influencing over 18,000 students.

  • 2019 5-week “Music-Science-Drama” summer camp—this utterly unique program takes campers ages 10-17 served 15 campers, taking them on a journey of discovering the music of science, the science of music and the exploration of the roots of Classical Culture. The most recent 2019 program added an Opera Camp component—bringing together all elements of the arts—story telling, acting, movements and vocal music. At the conclusion of the program, campers staged a presentation of Felix Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream—they realized all aspects of the presentation, including set design, costume design, props design. If you’re excited, so are we! The 2020 Summer camp will present Mozart's Magic Flute!!

All this – and more – will be presented as a present to Beethoven, on the occasion of his 250th year – “The Beethoven Project”!  What can be accomplished between now and then?

Put under the Beethoven project, “In appreciation of your support, we wish to gift our $50 or more monthly donors with download link to the incredible 2012 “Live from Carnegie Hall” CD — performed by concert pianist and Foundation Ambassador, Tian Jiang. That concert was entitled “From Mao to Mozart to Stern”—a tribute to Mr. Jiang’s mentor, the preserver of Carnegie Hall, the late Isaac Stern.

Join in the celebration, and help make it happen.

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