Our first blog post!

With a new year comes new features! And this year the Foundation is full of exciting and new programs and events that will enrich and entertain the lives of everyone who wishes to participate.

The first of our new features comes in the form of our new blog! This is where we’ll keep you updated on everything new going on.

The second of our new programs comes in the form of the launching of the Beethoven Project.

The Beethoven Project aims to:

Also, the Foundation now has a Store Page! We will be updating our store with any CD’s and promotional material.

Our Youth Chorus just started it’s second semester this month and we’ve got a lot of fresh faces. It’s people like you who help us fund these projects that keep it free and accessible to enrich the minds of the youth around the NYC area!

And lastly! We’d like to announce our brand new and updated 5-week Summer Music-Science-Drama Program! Where students will be putting on a full fledged production of the opera A Midnight Summers Dream! Definitely read more about that Here